Percussion and cello music explores the effects of social media, technology, data sharing and censorship on society. Curated by Delia Stevens, digital installation by Niamh O’Donnell.

Andy Akiho

Paper Melodies (my music box music)
Jason Treuting

Grab It!
Jacob TV

Trio Per Uno – mvt. I – meccanico
Nebojsa Zivkovic

“I have recently been equally fascinated and terrified by the contribution and power that Facebook and social media has over our society. Google and Facebook are omniscient: they can recognise our faces, track our movements, predict our daily schedule. They know our favourite foods, who are friends are, our gender, age, sexuality, relationship history – even what we typed into the status box and then back-spaced and re-edited before publishing.
And they can keep that information forever because we have already given them permission. We are all (myself included) addicted to and reliant upon these brilliant tools which bring us all closer together, making our lives more efficient and widening our possibilities for development, sharing and communication.
However, recent events in 2018 are beginning to make us realise that we are suddenly in a 1984 Big Brother-esque thought-police movement that we have all voluntarily signed up to, created by algorithims in a spiralling self-prophecy of control and bias that has already influenced the American election and even our very own politics – Brexit – in skewing our sense of reality, morality and choice.
With these questions in mind I have pulled together a collection of pieces which I really believe in musically that explore these powerful themes.”

Delia Stevens

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