Sinfonia Cymru and Tramshed Tech present a special concert series, live and online: Curate #BowDown and #WineGlass.

Award-winning orchestra Sinfonia Cymru and forward-thinking workspace Tramshed Tech, two organisations that thrive on innovation and creativity, are combining their expertise and working in partnership to present Curate, an exciting new series of multimedia concerts that begins in October.

Curate will provide audiences with a twist on the traditional classical concert experience, including the opportunity to watch live or online. All taking place in the beautiful former industrial workspace Tramshed Tech, Curate begins with on Saturday 7th October with #BowDown, the first in a series of four concerts that will combine music with film and technology. Tickets are available in advance from the Sinfonia Cymru website. But if you can’t make it to Tramshed Tech in person, you can watch the whole thing live online, as each Curate concert will be broadcast on Facebook. The series will continue on 9th December with #WineGlass.

#BowDown will explore the themes of belief and hope through an eclectic selection of music by John Adams, Gavin Bryars, Arvo Pärt and Vivaldi. An ensemble of musicians from Sinfonia Cymru will be playing music including Vivaldi’s Sinfonia in B Minor ‘Santo Sepolcro’, Shaker Loops by John Adams, and Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet, by British composer Gavin Bryars. The concert will consist of three sets of music, with each set lasting around twenty minutes and an interval of ten minutes in between. During the intervals audience members will be able to enjoy a drink from the bar, chat to the musicians in a relaxed environment and explore the beautiful space, which will include digital installations and original films and music created for #BowDown. Doors open at 8pm, with the music starting at 8.30pm.

Sophie Lewis, Chief Executive of Sinfonia Cymru:
“We’re really excited about the new partnership between Sinfonia Cymru and Tramshed Tech. Curate was first established in 2013 as a platform for our musicians to discuss and develop their own ideas for the orchestra’s programming, and it led to controversial and groundbreaking events including Unease and Unbuttoned. This series of concerts marks a new phase of Curate. We’re exploring the ways in which film and digital technology can be used to complement and enhance the concert experience in the relaxed setting of Tramshed Tech, and live streaming our full concerts for the first time on the Sinfonia Cymru Facebook page. At Sinfonia Cymru we like to do things differently, pushing boundaries and giving audiences new and memorable experiences.”

Iain Tweedale, Director of Tramshed Tech:
“We’re also excited about our brand new partnership with Sinfonia Cymru. Our aim at Tramshed Tech is to bring together entertainment and technology in new and innovative ways, to reach new audiences and to delight existing audiences with fresh approaches and unusual venues. The Curate series of concerts gives us a great opportunity to do this and we can’t wait to get started.

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The second Curate concert in December, #WineGlass, journeys into minimalist and avant-garde music, with Philip Glass’ Suite From Bent and String Quartet No. 5, and Black Angels by George Crumb. Curate will continue with two more concerts in March and May 2018.